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Hollow Deluxe [Digital Download]

Hollow Deluxe [Digital Download]

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Elephant Stone's 2020 release. Include original album, Hollow film soundtrack, and Hollow film. Lossless WAV file (16bit/44K). 

Vol 1 - Hollow

  1. Hollow World
  2. Darker Time, Darker Space
  3. The Court and Jury
  4. Land of Dead
  5. Keep the Light Alive
  6. We Cry for Harmonia
  7. Harmonia
  8. I See You
  9. The Clampdown
  10. Fox on the Run
  11. House on Fire
  12. A Way Home

Vol 2 - Elephant Stone presents "Hollow" The Soundtrack

  1. Hollow World
  2. Darker Time, Darker Space
  3. The Court and Jury
  4. Land of Dead
  5. Keep The Light Alive

Vol 3 - Elephant Stone present "Hollow" The Film (MP4)

 released February 14, 2020

Produced by Elephant Stone
Recorded by Rishi at Sacred Sounds (January-September 2019, Montreal QC)
Additional recording/editing by Miles
Mixed by Jace Lasek at Breakglass Studios (June/October 2019, Montreal QC)
Mastered by Ryan Morey (June/October 2019, Montreal QC)
Album artwork and design by Marc Spicer and Rosey Trickett (London UK)

Performed by:
Meera Skye Dhir: vocals
Rishi Dhir: vocals / bass / sitar / keys / geetars
Miles Dupire: drums / percussion / backing vox
Gabriel Lambert: geetars track 1 - 6, 12 / backing vox
Robbie MacArthur: geetars track 7 - 12
Kirsty MacEachern: backing vox
Shawn Mativetsky: tabla
Justin Wright: cello
The Sacred Sounds Kids Choir: Meera Skye Dhir / Thomas Mattes / Mila Shio


Elephant Stone presents "Hollow"

A symphonic and visual re-interpretation of Elephant Stone's 2020 release "Hollow".

released May 18, 2022

Music composed, recorded, and mixed by Rishi Dhir
Words by Rishi Dhir and John Mark Lapham
Music mastering by Ryan Morey
Directed by Laurine Jousserand

All songs by Rishi Dhir (2019 SOCAN/ASCAP) expect tracks 1 - 6 music by Rishi Dhir, lyrics by Rishi Dhir/John Mark Lapham.

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