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Acid House Ragas [Digital Download]

Acid House Ragas [Digital Download]

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In 2017, I teamed up with Steven Ramsay of Young Galaxy to create "Acid House Ragas". This project came to life after numerous live performances promoting Elephant Stone's "Ship of Fools". I felt the need for a hiatus from Elephant Stone, leading me to new musical realms. This resulted in MIEN's debut album and AHR

Electronic/acid house elements started surfacing in "Ship of Fools" ("Where I'm Going", "Devil's Shelter", "Manipulator", "Au Gallis") prompting me to explore this genre more before returning to Elephant Stone. While "Acid House Ragas" didn't drastically shift music paradigms, it was a fun project. Even though it seemed distinct from Elephant Stone initially, I now see it as a crucial step in understanding our music better. To prevent it from being lost in the internet abyss, I've repackaged it as an Elephant Stone release, keeping in mind our fans' enthusiasm for more sitar-infused tunes.

Produced, recorded, and performed by Rishi Dhir and Steven Ramsay in Montreal Canada
Mixed by Dan Lissvik in Sweden (unless noted otherwise)
Mastered by Ryan Morey in Montreal Canada
Artwork by Marc Spicer and Rosey Trickett

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