Ship of Fools: CD
  • Ship of Fools: CD

Ship of Fools: CD

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Digipack w/ lyrics and liner notes. 2016 Burger Records release featuring Manipulator, Andromeda, See the Light and more! "If one were to qualify the work of Elephant Stone, the first adjective would undoubtedly be "experimental". The Montreal band is already on its fourth album, with the release of Ship of Fools. Yet the audacity and talent of these three Canadian boys continues to amaze us." ★★★★ -Rolling Stone France

“Ship Of Fools is a gloriously and unapologetically joyous listen, and one that serves to remind us how the Flaming Lips lost their mojo, while simultaneously showing Empire Of The Sun the way forward.” ★★★★ -Classic Rock

“The crown jewels of Montreal psych-rock… brood with headphones or dance at a big outdoor festival to this.” ★★★★1/2 - Exclaim!

“Breezy melodies over a pop blueprint, adding luscious psychedelic accompaniment that welcomes experimentation and often features Dhir's sitar.” ★★★1/2 -AllMusic

“For those who think Alexis Taylor fronting Garbage sounds like an intriguing proposition.” ★★★ -MOJO

“Poppier hooks, tighter arrangements, stronger melodies and meatier beats. They still get their freak on — but now they know how to make it count. So much for playing the fool.” ★★★1/2 - Toronto Sun

“An unbeatable maelstrom of melody and groove… on another level.” -The Big Takeover

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