Albums That Changed My Life, Part 1: Teenage Fanclub's "Bandwagonesque" 

The year was 1991 and grunge was hot. I was 13 years old and never felt totally at ease with all the angsty/tortured music taking over the airwaves. I couldn’t get into Metallica (I did try) I loved the fact that there was an Indian guy in Soundgarden, but I was longing for something that aligned more with my more pop sensibilities. My brother, Anurag, suggested I check out this band Teenage Fanclub. I was turned off by the dorky name. I noticed they would be playing Saturday Night Live that coming Saturday. The were all long hair and grungy (very 90s) and played their big hit at the time (The Concept). As the song came to an end they switched gears and started thrashing about (they played “Satan”). I wasn’t too impressed. I thought they were trying too hard. I decided to write them off and continued the search for “my” band.
A couple of weeks later I was doing some schoolwork with a friend and CHOM FM (Montreal’s classic rock station) played a song that sounded VERY familiar. I became completed immersed into the song… it was everything I wanted: catchy, rocking, sad, uplifting… it had it all. Suddenly, I realized that this was Teenage Fanclub. I couldn’t believe it. That night I went to the Champlain Mall in Brossard (suburb of Montreal) and bought a cassette copy from Discus (RIP). I played that album to death. I learned every song. Finally, I had found “my” band. 25 years later and they’re still my band.
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